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Online Game Hobbies That Turned Bringing Sustenance

Almost all people certainly have activities or activities that become their pleasure, or are usually said with passion. Lots of activities that can be used as a hobby, such as writing, cooking, various various sports, and similar.

But, there are some hobbies that in fact can be used as an opportunity for effort. Not only is it like an activity to get rid of fatigue, but it can be a substitute for a method of creating money that is fun and exciting.

If you can use the hobby that you have, it is not impossible that you can create more money and you can designate it like your income bonus every day.

Nowadays there are many individuals who depend their lives from playing games. Especially the millennial kids who do most have a hobby there. In fact, unmitigated, just from the hobby of playing the game, some of them know you can make hundreds of millions of rupiah per month.

1. Dota 2
Games that are the forerunner to the birth of several MOBA games on your smartphone such as Mobile Legends and AOV. Seriously? Yes, of course! Now specifically for those of you who don't know, Dota is one of the most popular PC games in the world.

Especially in the United States, Europe and Asia. In terms of the game and how to play it is the same as Mobile Legends. It's just that the heroes character in each of these types of games is indeed different. In addition, due to the heavy files, Dota 2 is also not possible to be accessed via smartphones such as Mobile Legends.

Then how can you make money from this game? Hmm, first if you are good you can take part in certain competitions or events and win money from it. Second, you can sell the items you get when playing Dota to other interested players. Finally, you can also open your own YouTube video channel to post some videos of your excitement while playing Dota. If your video is interesting and has a lot to see, then hmm ... it could be that you will be flooded with endorse and entered the list of the most popular YouTube gamers.

2. Remi88 card game

Playing poker cards like Zynga or remi poker 88 turns out to be able to provide benefits many times the capital you spend. For user ID you can get it for free through the site directly. You won't get it for only 5 minutes. Remi Poker there are various types of games that you can play either poker or dominoes.

3. Mobile legends
Similar to Dota 2, Mobile Legend is also one of the games that can make money in the way mentioned earlier in the Dota 2 game. One of the successful Indonesians from playing the Mobile Legends (ML) game is JessNoLimit.

Utilizing her expertise in playing the hero Fanny, which is the most difficult character to play in ML, Jess creates her own YouTube channel and shares tips on how to play the hero.

As a result, thanks to his perseverance, he can now be said to have an established life just from playing games. Even at a relatively young age he was able to buy a Ferrari car. Hmm, don't you envy you?

Especially for you lovers of Mobile Legends, ShopBack has an exclusive promo for you. You can get a Mobile Legends voucher only by paying Rp 1 after cashback. Check the promotion terms and conditions here!

4. Clash Royale
Actually, this one game is arguably a development of the game that was popular before, namely Clash of Clans aka CoC. Because both the game Clash Royale and CoC, both have more or less the same game character. No wonder now many CoC players have decided to switch to Clash Royale.

Did you know that this game can also make money like DOTA and ML? Yup, this game was even competed in e-sports at the 2018 Asian Games yesterday. The name of the game when you enter e-sports must be a lot of money that rotates there. So if for example you don't like to play ML or Dota, but still want to earn money from playing games, then maybe Clash Royale is the right game for you.
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